About Moira

I may have been born a California girl, but my roots go deep in the Maine soil. I spent 17 summers of my life in Maine, heartbroken each September at the thought of leaving. In 1999, as the world prepped for Y2K, I prepped for M2M: Me to Maine. I relocated to our summer camp, did plenty of winterization, and never looked back.

Moira McGarry

Moira McGarry

I love Maine and have always felt its where I belong. Being able to get out in nature, as well as devote myself to my passions of gardening, cooking, and photography in gorgeous surroundings with friends and family by my side has really reinforced that for me.

Through the years I’ve been a freelance writer on kid friendly fare and cooking as a family, an anonymous restaurant reviewer, and I’m currently a Field Editor with Taste of Home magazine.

I cook using the freshest, most local products available. We live in a state of such amazing diversity! Abundant seafood, caught daily; luscious meats grown sustainably and humanely; the richest dairy goods I’ve ever known; incredible breads and baked goods and of course the amazing wealth of fresh grown produce! If you name a fruit or vegetable, someone, somewhere, here in Maine has found a way to grow it, or someone has been able to graft and grow cold hardy plants to give us an even richer abundance to satisfy ourselves with…and THAT’S what The Maine Dish is about!

From seashore, to self grown, to our incredible statewide Farmer’s Markets, with the possibility of a few farm visits along the way, I’m going to share with you how to obtain the best ingredients possible, and how to turn them into delicious dishes your family and friends will adore.

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